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June 18, 2013

All the Presidents Men Essay

Matt Spencer English10 Honors Mrs.DeMartino May 22 2012 Antigone: a sad milling machinery? A genius is a brave person who is by and large admired. A sadal hero is a protagonist in a tragedy who exhibits devil original qualities. These qualities include individual who is ill-starred from the first base (despite noble intentions) and, almost of all told, someone who has a sad fracture. A tragic geological fault is a injury in a character that is the subject of a gloam of the tragic hero in a tragedy. A great example of an terrible tragic hero is Antigone in Sophocles do Antigone. In Antigone Antigone s a girl whose uncle (Creon) is king. Her brother, Polynecies, has died in a war and force Creon made a guild that no one should withdraw him. Well, Antigone disobeys Creon and buries her brother. She says that she did it for a higher cause. That she did it for god. Anyway, Antigones tragic flaw is her phalanx capability. Just simply her office. Antigone was likewise doomed from the beginning. She was doomed from the beginning despite her noble intentions to go down her dead brother. Antigone from the converge Antigone, by Sophocles, is a tragic her because she exhibits all the qualities of a tragic hero. A tragic hero is a protagonist in a tragedy who must(prenominal) pretend a tragic flaw. Antigone from the prevail Antigone indeed does have a tragic flaw.
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And the utter calls her attitude uncaringness, rashness and folly of dustup and madness of touchwood. (Insert be here 40). The let out, in this quote, says that Antigones attitude is thoughtless and it is a sneak of speech that makes everyone mad. .and by folly in speech, and eagerness at the heart. (Sophocles 757). In this, the chorus is saying evenhandedly practically the same thing. That everything Antigone said, with her attitude, is a mistake that really rubs population the abuse way and makes them mad. Therefore, according to these two quotes, Antigones attitude must be her tragic flaw because her attitude towards Creon, on deceiving him and burying her brother, leads to and is her...If you want to get a full essay, secern it on our website: Orderessay

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