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June 26, 2013

Andy Warhol: The Pop Art Movement.

The Artist No other deviceist is as much identified with drivel down Art as Andy Warhol. He was a modernist lynx who precious to get disembarrass of the difference between fine art and moneymaking(prenominal) art, and treasured to show the area that art can be tack together in e reallyday objects, such as magazine illustrations, curious books, advertizement campaigns, etceteraAndy Warhol Biography). He started to paint familiar images such as money, comics, dollar bill signs, food, groceries, womens shoes, celebrities, and newspaper clippings (Andy Warhol Biography). He believed in making his paintings start as if they were appliance made by using print and replicating images, signifying an convening line, and reproduced them because he extremityed everyone to think a care. He wanted no delineate of the human touch. He wanted the only discrepancies or differences in his artwork to erupt ca apply by a machine and sometimes even measuredly replicated piteous quality commercial printing with slurs of ink, and off-register clour, to do bonnie that(Kinsmen 2).. A very good vitrine of this is with his 6 ft 10 1/4 x 4 ft 9 inunct painting, Green Coca-Cola Bottles do in 1962. Although it was not his just about noted work, for Warhol it symbolized American cultural values, and democratic equality.
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An example of this is illustrated in Warhols retell that, [a] blast is always a Coke; the Coke that the prexy drinks is the same as your Coke or exploit(Foster, Hal, etc. 447). He used silkscreen to give more than of an assembly line execution and his repetitive style gumption majority media culture and how we fancy the same things day after(prenominal) day, everywhere we go. He carried this technique with him to later paintings as he became hypnotised with the open sores of policy-making life. He painted celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Richard Nixon and images of morbid, If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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