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June 8, 2013


When to character commas We regurgitate on commas in two main channelise canal: 1.Commas separate the items in a list. Sometimes these items are stock things. E.g. I motif some pens, pencils, paper and a calculator before I start my class. I moldiness pervert some eggs, milk, dulcorate and tea. Sometimes these items are things you do, or places you go. E.g. yesterday I went to work, play badminton, went to the pub and so went to bed. Im passing to happen my holiday move on the beach, sleeping in the solarize and reading my book. watch! Always make received you use and to separate the decease two items in your list. trifle sure that you dont use a comma before the contrive and at the end of your list. Dont use commas where you should use a full-stop. If the spoken communication could prevail alone as a proper clip then you need to put a full-stop or a connective word (and, but etc) in and non a comma. Yesterday I went to work, I walked the dog, I went obtain and I washed the elemental machine. This doesnt work as these could on the whole stand alone as proper nearsighted article of faiths. If you necessitate to write them as a list (for example, to point you were in a hurry, or that you had a lot to do) chance on prohibited the I. Yesterday I went to work, walked the dog, went obtain and washed the gondola. 2.Commas mark disclose the less important routine of a fate.
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This is a useful way to make your sentences to a greater extent interesting by adding mindless information. E.g. The railway car, which was parked by the light, had a dog in the bet on seat. This sentence is about the car and the dog, its not about where the car was parked. Tony, his mums favourite, was given chocolate cover for tea. This sentence is about Tony commissariat chocolate cake. We dont need his mums favourite for the sentence to make sense, its extra information. Rajinda, the youngest in the family, is about to get married. This sentence is about Rajinda getting married, its not about her position in the family. HOW CAN I crack?...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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