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June 19, 2013

European Imperialism

Andy Bartlett 11-19-06 DBQ Imperialism in Africa In the late nineteenth and primary twentieth centuries European imperialism caused its countries to fall apart up the rest of the world, to to each ane one country claiming bits as its own. Due to its large amounts of resources, Africa was one of the briny areas in which European nations established colonies. Imperialism in Africa had both coercive and blackball results for non only the Africans in the colonies, exclusively the European colonizers as well. whatsoever positive make on Africans were that they were provided with protective cover by their ruler and new applied science was brought to them. few minus governing body issues from them were the Africans loss of immunity, slavery, the loss of their area and inherent resources to the colonizer, and a moderate in African nationalism. Some positive rigs on Europeans were that they were able to make a profit from Africas natural resources and were able to further their pecuniary gain because they did not break to pay the African snuff iters. A negative effect for the Europeans was that European rulers often befuddled notes in keep their colonies. Imperialism in Africa had positive and negative consequences on both the Europeans and the Africans. European imperialism caused Africans to consent to many negative consequences.
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An effect of imperialism which was negative for the Africans was that they lost(p) many freedoms. Africans were bleak of many rights such as freedom of speech, religion, and the right to travel a full bread and butter (Doc. 3). Also, Africans lost the right to tempt for themselves and were forced by the Europeans to bray in mines or need rubber and other plants from the jungle. If the Africans were futile to see the demands of the European soldiers, they were punish severely; many had their reach or ears cut come to and some were killed. Another negative effect was that many Africans were brought to the Americas to work as slaves. The eight calendar week sail across the Atlantic was very cramped and ill-fitting for the...If you fatality to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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