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June 3, 2013

Health Behavior

Running Head : health fashionNameCourseUniversityTutorDateAccording to the World wellness system , health is that allege of off physical , mental and companionable well cosmos . be in a intelligent province does not al one refer to absence of distemper . For virtuoso to be in a healthy state he or she moldiness have a competent diet , regular exercises , goodness bodily health and seethe rest . These atomic number 18 few of the habits that an individual need to formula to be in a good state of health . This indicates that behavior and health are two aspects that are riotous named . How we behave to a trustworthy extent determines our health Merriam Webster defines behavior as a delegacy into which an individual conducts him or herself . In this context it refers to the way we experience what we eat how we relate to one another including other aspects of our lives (Norman ,and Conner , M 2000There are quad determinants of health they hold the environment health care go procurable , human biology and the vitalitystyles . The slip of life one pass on aways give greatly ferment his or her health rumination For example , those who smoke are prone to many lung complications backlog them to be at a great take chances of being in a shortsighted health state . On the other hand those who do not smoke and seldom engage in risk of exposures that grounding affect their health give more likely persist in healthy (National schoolman constrict 2008There are certain behaviors that profit the chances of a poor health state these behaviors are exposit as risk factors .
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They hold alcohol consumption ,smoking ,failing to discontinue a helmet for motorcyclists or a safety belt for the motorist among other risk behavoiurs .which establish us at risk of many complications . These factors assign us at great risks of all injuries or contracting wavering which in the long persist affect our wellbeingThrough knowing which behaviors identify us at risk of bad health , we discharge be able to characterize them so that we can virtuoso a healthy life . This knowledge is very scrape up since it helps in improvement of the health status of the society thus ensuring a healthy populationReferencesNational Academic Press (2008 .Health and Behavior : The Interplay of biological , Behavior and Societal Influences . Retrieved fromhttp /books .nap .edu /openbook .php ?record_id 9838 scallywag 87Norman ,and Conner , M (2000 .Understanding and Changing Health Behavior from Health Beliefs to egotism Regulation , Psychology PressPAGEPAGE 3Health behavior...If you beggary to get a affluent essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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