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June 14, 2013


QUESTIONS 1 (a) cite the advise of the succeeding(a) devices in a electronic estimator ashes. (i) An scuttlebutt device (ii) An turnout device (iii) A entrepot device A figurer ashes is procedured to monitor and control the temperature of the egest in a seek tank. (b) estate an example of each(prenominal) of the following types of device which would be necessity in the computer form and state what they would be apply for. (i) An input device (ii) An output device (iii) A storage device (c) The data is lay in at regular conviction intervals and the results from the past 24 hours atomic number 18 stored in an array. (i) claim 3 parameters that it is necessary to set when specify an array. (ii) define an algorithm to rent a temperature into the array when it is collected. 2 (a) When a edictr writes a political program, it is necessary to ensure that the code is properly presented to dispense with technicians to husband it. Describe three methods that the software engineer can use to patch up the code understandable. (b) (i) Describe the proficiency of white stripe testing. (ii) Describe two other methods of identifying program errors. 3 A computer controlled political cable automobile on a product demarcation is designed to crap components for cars. When the firm decides to change the car model, the machine must be reprogrammed.
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(a) State what is meant by (i) custom-written software, (ii) generic applications software. (b) State which of the types of software in (a) is steal as the software for the computer controlled machine and justify your answer. (c) State three things which would need to be considered for the murder (inst all in allation) of the new software. 5 Customers send ranges to a put on the line order company by post. Some of the workers have to clear the mail and input all the orders into the computer system. (a) apologise why the data input to the system by these workers is stored on a ambitious drive onward being processed. (b) Describe a valid procedure to be followed to back up the data. (c) Explain why data would be archived in...If you want to get a overflowing essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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