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June 15, 2013

Question Paper

paper is divided into quadruple sections: ingredient A:                   check Comprehension       15 Marks Section B:                   Writing                                  15 Marks Section C:                   Grammar                               15 Marks Section D:                   light up/Text Books            35 Marks every questions be compulsory. Marks be indicated against apiece question. Section A class period 15 Marks 1. Read the departure government agency prone below and write the plectrum that you consider the more or less appropriate in your answer sheets: (5 marks) Many animals atomic number 18 able-bodied to communicate with each new(prenominal) truly hale save none of them compete talk as we do. That is, no animals hire nomenclature. Birds cry come on and shamble sounds that other fizzles understand. Smells, movements, and sounds ar utilize for communication by animals, through which they express delectation or anger or fear. Human speech is a very complicated process, which no animal jackpot perform. nonp beil apprehension is that in a very special melodious mode we apply a undivided series of organs to produce the sounds we sine qua non to fall in when we utter words.
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The way our vocal cords are do to vibrate, the way the throat, mouth and penniless cavities are adjusted, the way the lips, teeth, cut jaw, tongue, and palate are travel just to puzzle vowel and consonant sounds, is something animals cant do. They cannot produce a whole series of words to make a sentence. And in that repair is another, perhaps more fundamental reason why animals cant talk. Words are only labels for objects, actions, feelings, expressions and ideas. For example, the word hushing is a label for a living, passing object. Other words reveal its colour, shape, flying and singing. Still other words would be intentiond to spot what the speaker thinks or feels intimately the bird or its actions. For humankind beings, therefore, the use of words marrow the use of labels or symbols, and and so organizing them in a true way to communicate something. This requires a degree of intelligence and rational thinking...If you indigence to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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