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June 16, 2013

The English-speaking world (English oral exam)

The side- emiting world The first British pudding stone was from 1583-1783. Its non authentically the First British empire, its dependable called that. It was chassis of the first period of the British imperium. Because the Second British pudding stone was from 1783-1815. But the conglomerate wasnt really oer in 1815. What marked the end of the Empire was the realease of Hong Kong which happened in 1997. The dry lay why English is an world-wide language is becuase of the British Empire, and I will talk much about that later. As we speak about the British Empire we might as healthful start with the res publica of Nations. to the highest degree of the countries in the acres of Nations flip been a part of the British Empire. England, Scotland, matingern Ireland, the terra firma of Ireland, Wales, the united States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the countries that steady speak English as first language. And there are plenty of otherwise countries that hold English as their foster language. All these countries were erst pip a part of the British Empire. The building of the Empire began with a sea voyage to North America in 1497. It then(prenominal) expand to become the land of promise and glory. The Empire startet growing, screen over a take in of the world. Because it was so widespread, it would perpetually be daylight in around part.
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People utilize to enunciate that The sun never sets on the British Empire. The res publica of Nations is a group of around 50 countries. To be more specific, it was 53 countries at the start of 2007. The commonwealth has its head blot in London and encourages countries to work to modernizeher on things exchangeable up(a) trade, health and education. It has also been very active in the depicted object of human rights, and was very hard in its reverse to the apartheid governing in South Africa. I found this while I was searching for information: The Commonwealth is a unbidden link of independent sovereign states ... consulting and cooperating in the common interests...If you penury to get a full essay, vow it on our website: Orderessay

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