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July 2, 2013

Hazing:Not Just for Frat Boys Anymore!

As p arnts crosswise the commonwealth wake up severally morning, the origin thing that crosses their minds should not be whether or not their small fryren are in danger of being emotionally and physically mistreated by their peers. However, over the past go this concern has befit a major difficulty in schools across the nation. The terror I speak of is hazing! For those people who do not k outright, hazing is delimitate as an initiation extremity involving harassment (Merriam-Webster). Parents are this instant realizing how much of a occupation hazing really has call on. Hazing has become a much bigger problem on school campuses across the United carrys than school officials and parents realize. When hazing was premier(prenominal) brought to the attention of the nation, it was only compass of in fraternities; however, hazing has become ha stingual in sororities, athletics, military, and high schools. Is todays baby bird capable of hurting some other child just for the gambling of it? Over the past decade, hazing incidents have become numerous. In 2003, headline-grabbing hazing incidents seem to be in the news every(prenominal) day! Mepham High domesticise in New York State cancelled its football accustom this fall after troika players were charged with sexually brutalizing their girlish teammates with sticks, pine cones and golf balls during their summertime training camp (Sims).
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In May, fifteen fe manly seniors from Glenbrook northeastward High School in Northbrook, Illinois, were criminally charged with irreverence battery after a powder-puff football game. The third-year victims were subjected to a beer-fueled assault bit seniors dumped paint, animal parts, vomit, and human faecal matter on them; also, they were kicked, punched and choked with slovenly person intestines (Beiles 185). In October, seven students from sort Washington, Wisconsin, allegedly bound cinque freshman cheerleaders and a male student to trees with duck tape, dumped sirup and eggs on them and left... If you pauperism to get a satisfactory essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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