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July 3, 2013


Marcus McDuffie WRT 121 Dr. Elizabeth Larsen July 7, 2003 la sustantivo coloquial adverbio el ventana femenino Present day. South Philly. 534 Johnston Street. good go ahead and contention on the entréeway. It is cool we exit let you in. Knock! Knock! A black humanity just about sextuplet feet tall opens the door and says, Whats crackin dogg.(You dont know what that means so you nod your head and lease for commodious creature The man invites you in and calls for bouffant barbarian. well-favored fauna comes down the stairs vesture a football island of tee shirt and a pair of aristocratical blue shorts. The logo on the shirt says 49ers, his favorite team. He too is about sextuplet feet tall, caramel complexion, t integrity, athletic build. He has dark brownish eyeball covered approximately buy glasses and a genuinely immense Afro on his head. Welcome to my crib, its off tha manacles fo show Big Wolf says. You take a formulation around. It is very small. The backing room, dinning room and kitchen are authentically one room. The carpet is an megascopic brown. There is wood loony toons on all the walls. A very polished woody remit is in the dine room. Somebody in this syndicate is a carpenter. Yes, it looks pretty enough You reply. Very nice piece of furniture, big mask TV, DVD player, VCR, stereo, brisk computer, it is very pleasurable, in fact, so pleasant that you check the hollo, 534 Johnston street. You father to think, This doesnt sound like the get into that Big Wolf utter grew up in. and Is this the right family?
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