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November 26, 2013

Americsn Reveloution

American Revolution After the French and Indian War, tensions vary magnitude between the settlers and the British fantan. Although Great Britain had won battles against the French and inbred Americans, they had a war debt to compensate. In order to top this problem, the Parliament heavily taxed the colonists. The British Parliament used these taxes to pay for a permanent British army in newton America. This rest army protected the colonists from being attacked by indigenous Americans. several(prenominal) people were angry that they were required to pay taxes while others run with this law established by the Parliament. As a result, hellion different groups with distinct viewpoints of this idea were the Patriots (referred as Rebels) and Loyalists (referred as Tories). in that location are many reasons that make a colonist line to adhereher the Loyalist or Patriot lieu during the American Revolution. A colonist would join the Patriot typeface because of these reasons which are shown in inscription 3 and Document 6. found on the text, Document 3 clearly shows that the colonists are free to break outside(a) from Great Britain and become an independent nation. The two reasons wherefore the colonists aforethought(ip) to take up arms against Great Britain, was because they argued the Parliament sway over them with tyrannical government.
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The colonists believed that the British violated their human repairs by taxation without representation. According to the laws followed in the colonies, the colonists were not desirable to place a representative a chair in the Parliament and influence the representative that the Parliament had no mightily to tax the colonists. Als! o, the colonists mentioned that they would faint as free men than scare off as a slave to Great Britain. Some of these colonists had a strong idea to have from Great Britain. They wanted to get revenge from Great Britain through violence. Another reason wherefore many colonists joined the Patriot side is clearly shown in Document 6, which is an excerpt from an article...If you want to get a abundant essay, order it on our website:

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