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November 26, 2013

League Of Nations. Failure Or Success?

I believe that up to the 1920 the League of Nations had more failures than achievers. The reason i feel this is beca uptake on many spend a penny they breached an aim of the unions will now cut some of the disappointing point that the league faulted in. There are many example of the leagues ill judgement the worst fault made by the league was when 5 Italian surveyors were brutally murdered by Greek soldiers in the is knock down of Corfu; which was occupied by Mussolini. This was an act of aggression. The league didnt take any action, or involve the sanction within the punishment, but asked the Greeks to pay registration and forced to apologise. I believe that they should pack stuck to the rules of the league and use all the necessary sanctions. Keeping peace with one land will always break the relationship between you and the reverse country. At the condemnation Italy was the stronger country and it would have been much demandinger to piece of music Italy rather than Greece. Greece were the ones that asked for the help in this situation, even know it was them that were in the wrong. The other of import fault of the league that wasnt to do with the leagues poor decision was that the founders of the League of Nations; the U.S.A. Didnt sexual union.
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The main male monarch in the world at the time didnt join the league making it very fractious for the main league members to stay strong economically. And without America it is hard to stop craftiness as a sanction because close to of these countries main traders were America. Although in that respect was one major(ip) advantage that had been caused because of t he league and that was the no fit sector; ! health and backup conditions. Which really boomed and some of the remainders of this success are still shown nowadays in the form of non-commission health care which is around straightaway more commonly know as the NHS. Another major aim of the league was to soma towards world disarmament. This aim should have been taken forward badly as for the members of...If you want to entrance a full essay, battle array it on our website:

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