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November 30, 2013

Marijuana use in adolescence: factors that affect use

Researchers often use the cor affinityal strategy to investigate the grade in the midst of such variables as adolescence and ganja use. Santrock defined a correlational study to describe the strength of the relation betwixt two or more events or characteristics. Hence, the stronger the events atomic number 18 gibe the more prediction single can rush from the other. Thus, if star is to state that insubstantial hemp users are more likely to study skipped instruct in the past month, to have had somatic fights in the last year and to have menial self-confidence, it does non necessarily mean that marijuana use caused the physical fights, skipped coach or low self-assertion. It could mean that the insubstantials marijuana use is continue upon by other underlying emotional problems, which could be the akin emotional problems that are do the physical fights, low self-esteem and missed school days. Other facts such as poverty, parenting style, culture, neighborl y class and/ or family discord could also be create this correlation. Therefore, if a correlational study about adolescent marijuana use delivers a strong positive correlational coefficient, unrivaled can only interpret the events to be strongly associated and not necessarily causal. A study that could facilitate more maintain over mitigating factors is the experimental strategy. An experimental strategy allows us to just now determine behaviours causes...
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by performing an experiment, which is a study sop up in a carefully regulated setting in which one or more of the factors believed to influence the behaviour founding studied are manipulated and all others are held constant (San trock, 1998, p. ). For example, if adolesc! ent marijuana use were to be studied and that behaviour changed when a factor is manipulated, an investigator would say that the manipulated factor caused the behaviour to change. In short, such an experiment would establish cause and effect among the events. Santrock (1998)... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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