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December 20, 2013

Are Celebrities Really Public Figure?

Are celebrities really humans jut outs? 20061007 Yujung Nam /* Before outset this essay, I postulate to mention what state-supported figure is. Today, entertainers such as athletes, actors and musicians nuclear number 18 in a particularly powerful position. They bring huge cast on the macrocosm. Many TV programs and newspapers regardless of the country cover these entertainers’ winner stories. The public pays close trouble to those stories and opinions of entertainers. In addition, the public usually think entertainers should serve as role models in each aspect. This trend is much stronger in Korea, especially. For example, a member of 2PM, who atomic number 18 famous idol assembly in Korea, leaves his team because of his past literal mistakes. multitude rein that he wrote a diary slandering Korea in his private homepage when he was skilful a trainee four years ago. As a result, he attacks a lot and had to decide to withdraw for his squ atomic numb er 18 team. In Korea, a sex scandal or a verbal lapse strikes a fatal blow to entertainers as headspring as politicians. It is quite different response from Americans, who are intemperate non to entertainer’s behavior but to politicians and opposite public figures’ one.
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In my point of view, existence famous does not necessarily look that their behaviors are always right and their opinions are always valid, too. People should not regard entertainers as public figures like politicians and officeholders. In conclusion, celebrities cannot be a public figure because of those three reasons: being famous does not exactly mean they are right, they are not qualified to teach ot hers, and finally, they are just employees w! ho overly try to bugger off a invigoration in delight industry. It is true that they exercise huge influence on the public; however, entertainers have less responsibility and license to guide the public. These characteristics of entertainers make them not to be regarded as public figures according to the lexical meaning of a public figure.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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