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December 10, 2013


Melissa Harris Composition & Speech February 1, 2011 Escape I can neer escape my wondering headland, from all the problems the piece has to my very own. The neer ending thoughts, which start the moment I wake to the ternion hours it engenders to fall asleep, follow me. They follow me everywhere. Is it freeing or unless stress? What I would do to be able-bodied to pay off a position to focus on one predicament at a time. A set up of meaninglessness that I could run to, to feel free. This feeling of swarming bees chasing me would mediocre fly nearly confusingly as I jog into thy abyss. Does such a place exist? Fortunately, in my y byh, I came across such a place. A place with no excitement, no lights, no noise, no people, undecomposed slumber; a place of openness, a place to escape this world. My problems would just melt forward, and I would be engulfed by emptiness. Floating away into the dark, my mentality goes. The nothingness of r est in an open ambit turns my thoughts, my chaos, to complete silence. Here death can take me. I would start off in a full blown run. Running faster and faster, bank my heart felt wish well jumping straight out of my chest. Three blocks from my house I would slow to a peaceful walk, catching my breath in this six acre field.
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Standing in that location as if I were a lost soul, running my give gently everyplace the tops of the yellow and tan leaves, see them as feathers. Feathers from a massive bird waiting to take me away. Step for bar my bare feet become to a greater extent relaxed and handle with cold wet mud. The more mud that gushes between my toes, the more I forget who I am and why Im at that place.! Silence overcomes everything. The nothingness of the field is intriguing. Everything in my mind stops as I stare at the grass. The solarise rays highlight blades of grass to a tarnish yellow color, as the unseen foliage invites you in, like death. I stand there and just listen. Until I realize that silence is not what Im listening to. The wind, singing a graceful song, fills my...If you charter to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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