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December 11, 2013

Hinduism and Daoism

Evan Polinsky History 9.22 The purpose of invigoration in Hindooism is to make believe a comfortably karma and to collide with Moksha. Hinduism entrusts in a caste remains. In its caste system the most important people be the priest followed by warriors, so merchants and artisans, then farmers, and lastly the untouchables. They hope that during your lifetime you provokenot go up or down in the caste system, and that all you argon supposed to do is grab it on your dharma, which is your role in life. If when you die your karma, which is the total of good and tough of your life, is closer to good than bad than you provide be reincarnated a level up in the caste system and transgression versa. The last of e really soul is to reach Moksha which is the constitute when you do not need to get reincarnated anymore and you can go to heaven. You reach Moksha when as a priest you have a good Karma. Overall Hinduism talks a potentiometer round the purpose of l ife The purpose of life in Daoism is to become cardinal with the Dao. Daoism believes that the Dao flows through everyone and is the cause of the universe. It believes that the goal of everyones life should be to become one with the Dao. In compendious Daoism believes that the purpose of life is to become one with the Dao. Hinduisms spiritual beliefs helpfully save social control.
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Due to the fact that the goal of every Hindu is to have a good dharma and reach Moksha there will most likely be very few if any rebellions. Nobody would need to rebel because then they would have a bad karma and go down in the caste system. Everybody would alike do their job very comfortab ly because they had to do their dharma. In! conclusion Hinduisms religious beliefs keep social controls. Daoism focuses on having a lack of social order. The beliefs of Dao are that everybody should separate themselves from ordination and become one with nature. It believes in rejecting conventional knowledge and learning, relying on natural and instincts and ignoring political and social laws. If...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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