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December 7, 2013

Information System - Weekly Reflection Summary

work workweek champion in review December 18th, 2011 Week one in review Our squad up mat up that the firsts temptweeks class objectives were very informative. During the chute presentation, many of us were adapted to refresh our existing knowledge, and others were able to learn and identity the different types of culture systems. We learned that the information system consists of galore(postnominal) components, and that most successful businesses and corporation big or abject should have a plan in judging as to what type of information systems they would need to choose in pasture to have a well-organized business. We also became aware virtually some of the components of the Information Systems which included: people, hardware, software, data storage, networking, and processing only if to hollo a few. We also learned about the office staffs that to each one of the components has. The team also discussed how information technology (IT) has grown a nd in advance(p) everyplace the last decade and how it plays a major role in everyones lives. The internet is easily accessible everyplace and to everyone, in schools its used by both educators and students, at work people would non be able to accomplish their day-after-day duties without it. Most of us would agree that today we would not be able to live without the internet.
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We are constantly affiliated thru our smartphones, I pads, etc. As we each tried to count of a more(prenominal) per male childal example as to how the first weeks information affected us one of the team members told a story referencing a gliding that we reviewed in class. The slide was call Hierarchy o f Memory Capacity. From the title you woul! d think it was a elemental up front slide. But, it listed the different sizes of computer entrepot from a Kilobyte to a Zeta byte and everything in mingled with. The in between is where it became interesting. Petabyte, what in the world is this? It sounds like another name for a pedophile. So our team mate sent a school text to his computer geek 13 year old son to as if he had ever heard of this term before....If you indispensability to carry a full essay, order it on our website:

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