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December 11, 2013

The Iceman

Is it murder or ritual sacrif trash? Was he exiled or just lost? These are the questions that continue to haunt the scientists analyze the mysterious scratch man and the circumstances surrounding his death. The ice man was found in the Austro-Italian Alps in 1991, in a small alcove where he was protected from the movements of the glacier and animals that would normally have consumed the remains. Though the find was relatively recent, there were several(prenominal) major mistakes make when the body was excavated as the police survey it was the body of a modern mountaineer and treated the digging with about haste. These mistakes cost the ice man project dearly, negatively impacting the scientists power to discover the ice mans secrets. As the excavators were removing the body with an ice pick borrowed from some passing mountaineers, some pieces of his equipment were dishonored or stolen. Nature to a fault lent a go on to the destruction of our hapless ice man. When someone find fungus outgrowth on the body they wrapped him in a preservative cover with a fungicide solution and establish him in a freezer with the same properties as the glacier he had been in for more than 4000 years. The most interesting of his possessions is the copper-bladed axe with flange-like rims.
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He also carried with him dickens birch bark containers, a substantiate pack, a small all-use steel knife and its scabbard, a net, a retoucheur, a bow/stave and a quiver in lavish of a mixture of finished and unfinished pointers. Some of these arrows had two different types of human blood on them neither of which is his own. in that respect was also blood on his clothes and kn ife, belong to some other two strangers. Si! nce he was put in the freezer, he and his airplane propeller have been extensively tried and scanned. Some of the examinations done on him include: CAT-scans, X-rays and Radio-carbon-dating. The X-ray showed an arrow head embedded in his back that had shattered his raise blade, shot from below. This would have made his arm immoveable and benumbed with...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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