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December 15, 2013

Traffic Light Sequences

MEI Mechanics-1 Maths course-work An investigation into automatic craft Lights dodge of contents         2 Introduction         3 Question         3 Aims         3 Simplifications and Assumptions         4 Road         4 Traffic Lights         4 fomites         4 General assumptions.         4 SEQUENCE OF THE dealing glitter         5 MODEL 1         5 Maximum standoffishness travelled in position for a vehicle to undetermined the system         5 Period of one steering stray         6 Period of green light         6 dead(p) Time         6 Period of red light         7 MODEL 2         8 Data collection         9 Real Situation         9 List of other factors         9 CONCLUSION         10 Introduct ion In this brief report, my engage is to sample to determine the factors that contact the name of operation of temporal avocation lights in operation while highroadworks or other check is blocking one lane of a two-way, angiotensin-converting enzyme carriageway road. in one case this has been accomplished, I shall attempt to create a simple numeral model and attempt to apply it to literal life. Question When major roadworks pretend place on a two-way single carriageway road, contractors a great deal fix a one-way flow of traffic in jump directions by use of automatically controlled traffic lights. What considerations affect the timings of much(prenominal) lights? Aims 1. Analyse problem. 2. Propose a formula. 3. suggest errors involved. 4.
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tint into ways where timings from formulae could be modified other than simplest case. Simplifications and Assumptions · Road n The road is two-way, single carriageway. n The road is straight, there are no obstructions. n Road control surface is constant, friction is constant. · Traffic Lights n Drivers have infinite patience and always come later traffic lights perfectly. n whole sets of lights are perfectly co-ordinated, and their pattern constant. · Vehicles n Vehicle size is constant. n Vehicle speedup/deceleration is constant. n Distance betwixt vehicles is constant. n All vehicles are perfect. n Distance travelled by... If you want to make up a full essay, order it on our website:

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