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January 31, 2014

Buffalo Creek Flood

Response to and buffalo Creek RevisitedIntroduction : An Act of Man and buffalo Creek Revisited are both docudrama involves about the demote that obtained on February 26 , 1972 Pittston s (the name of the coal ac fraternity ) quit broke and released 132 million gallons of waste water in Logan County , west Virginia USA . This would feature the author s response towards the two documental films inspired by the Buffalo Creek cataclysmResponse to the FilmsThe title of the showtime time documentary is a parody to the claim of the Pittston company that the tragedy was an Act of God claiming that God had simply rig more than rain water on the occlude than it could fall in . It is evermore disturbing to hear anyone blame God for the tragedies that happen in life . It is blasphemy to do such a function . Instead of blam ing God for their mistakes , they could have built a stronger dam , just they did not As proof of the company s derange minds , they did not even warn the residents that the dam was on the bank of collapse . The company even assured the residents that everything was hunky-dory , but once they assessed the condition of the dam , they were off in the separate directionThese films show , although not in detail , the events that caused the disaster and the events later it through an interview of those involved What is alarming in this film is how lightly the Pittston coal...If you want to get a dependable essay, instal it on our website:

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