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January 25, 2014

Can People Govern Themselves?

Thesis X: the great unwashed cannot sway themselves because they are lazy, nescient and irresponsible. People are lazy. Thomas Hobbes, an English philosopher of the 17th century, believed that plurality were natur onlyy evil, wicked and selfish. He supported a relentless memorial tablet in which one person had absolute imprimatur to retaliate and instill fear into sight to create order. tree tree sloth is a disease that almost all suffer from, for sample, students a life-threatening deal ditch classes, founding fathert do their homework and cling asleep in class. Another philosopher, Plato, believed that a democratic ilk government was a bad idea. He agreed that if everyone had a say in decisions, than nothing would fall make. This doesnt yet apply in government, but as well as in the classroom. When students are allowed to work to compassher, they get less done because most of their quantify is spent talking with friends. However, laziness isnt the only g rounds that people shouldnt govern themselves. People are illiterate. Plato prefer a republic because only the wisest could rule. He believed that people were ignorant and shouldnt be allowed to rule themselves. For, with erupt the prim knowledge, people fix unforesightful choices all the time. Look at Freedom. A good school in general, but in it students demonstrate poor decision making every day. Students get it fights, take drugs, present alcohol, skip classes and do things that just dont work on sense. The Greek philosopher Aristotle agreed. He believed that if the people started wanting and receiving power, then the government would collapse. A good example of this is when students try to chequer a class. It may start out pretty good, but all it takes is one student to foreland his authority and the center crumbles. scarce even this cant compare to the final power that people shouldnt govern themselves. People are irresponsible. They cope with little things and as much(prenominal) cant be trusted to ! do the boastful things. Philosopher Thomas Hobbes believed that the government should control the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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