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January 17, 2014

E-commerce Communications

An Overview of E-commerceIntroductionElectronic commerce (e-commerce ) is a 15- year-old technology defined as the collective commercial and subscriber line traffics that occur everyplace the profits , in what is known as cyberspace or the earth Wide sack . It includes marketing , advertising , cut and interchange of goods and services , funds transfers , backup communicatings via electronic cock such(prenominal) as e-mail , video conferencing , transfers or autotype . on that point are a myriad of oppo internet site forms of communication that occur everyplace the cyberspace , but e-commerce is peradventure meliorate described as argumentation over the net profit (Galvin , 2000 ) There are three basic types of e-commerce : business to consumer (B2C ) and business to business (B2B ) and consumer to consumer ( C2C . Among the three types of e-commerce , B2B accounts for the majority of money changing men over the cyberspace . The purpose of this is to provide an overview of e-commerce and how it has redefined current business practicesHistory of e-commerceThe mesh was not designed for general commit , let alone(predicate) commerce . The infrastructure was originally developed by the US Department of Defense under the Advanced Research Projects cubitus room in 1969 , the brainchild of J .C .R Licklider who in 1962 wanted an unite networking system so he could coordinate with miscellaneous post with ease . By 1969 ARPANET , which became the core of the Internet , was connecting the University of calcium with Stanford lay down . The connections expanded outwards to international networks and in 1979 , Compuserve offered e-mail to the public (History of ecommerce , 2003 ) In 1984 Electronic Data commutation was developed employ the ASC X12 as standard which was mainly an industr ial communication entrée for suppl! iers and their clients .
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It enabled tracking of goods and exchange of information such as prices (Galvin , 2000 Wilcox , 2006 ) stock-still , the development of programs was slow and it was expensive to pitch up and take Compuserve offered the scratch line products online in 1992 exploitation the DEC PDP-11 network procesor , which was easier to use and cheaper to produce By 1994 , Netscape navigator allowed users to browse the Internet with entire online transaction software called the get Sockets Layer (SSL . The following year , eBay , the pioneer of C2C e-commerce and Amazon , a B2C site , came into being . The arriver of broadband technology , initially through a digital subscr iber line (DSL revolutionized Internet transactions by allowing unchanging and speedy connection . By 1999 20 billion of planetary retail spending occurred over the Internet (Wilcox , 2006Venture capitalist Daniel Kohn conveys that it was Web retailer NetMarket , founded by Swarthmore College graduates in Nashua which made e-commerce history by being the first site to generate a pay off retail transaction online by selling a CD by glow called Ten Summoner s Tales on August 11 , 1994 . Randy Adams of Internet Shopping Network made a similar claim , stating that their first secure online transaction occurred a month earlier (Gilbert , 2004The wide acceptance of e-mail signaled the first phase of the reel to e-commerce . This was in the period between 1993 and 1997 and is referred to as the Communication...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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