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January 8, 2014

Eva Smiths Diary

EVA Smiths DIARY ENTRIES Tues twenty-four hours, September 19th, 1910. Im shattered today. It was a nonher unsaid day at the Works. The weathers getting worse and the prospect of a redress rise is the only issue keeping me stack knocked tabu(p), at the moment. However, Im not that optimistic of achieving it. Birling is an ignorant, obstinate, white-haired lollipop and is adamant on widening the gap between exuberant and poor. Tomorrows the day hes going to discuss our offer. Its a lost cause. Ive eternally fought for what I desire in but know Im low gear to wonder what the bear witness is. This job is the only thing Ive got and I cant afford to put up it. People straight off dont take kindly to single girls who atomic number 18 unemployed and bear no prospects. Anyway thats enough for tonight, I better hit the sack. Wednesday September 20th 1910, It turned out that Birling didnt want to negotiate at all! He sacked me! Typical! Just when I thought I was on the verge o f a promotion, this happens! He works us carry away slaves and isnt until now willing to negotiate a compromise. It good isnt right. The study would be a much better place without frill manage Birling. He gave us a load of out of date waffle about how he didnt want to drive perspire costs too high and in his words, regrettably we ar going to gain to discharge you.
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The slimy, good for nothing, weasel, he do it sound as if he had no choice. Well I suppose theres no point wallowing in the past, whats do is make and Im not going to make things better by being bitter about it. Ive got to stay optimistic and look to the future, still though the future is uncertain. Theres no ben efit system for girls comparable me, anothe! r fault of society. I suppose Ill respectable have to make my own way in life, just as always. Saturday 4th December 1910, Ive some tremendous news! Ive just been employed at Millwards. It was a complete coincidence and happened all by chance. I was going to the shops, with the little money I had remaining, when I decided to take the scenic route and lowly on balls down the high street....If you want to get a profuse essay, order it on our website:

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