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January 28, 2014

Lesson Plan Division Year 4

Lesson Plan: 4HP                                             Tuesday, 12 March 2002 Subject Focus: math Pencil and paper procedures ( naval division). Duration: 55 proceeding. Number of Children in mark: 29 Groupings:         Lower stem sitting quick individu entirelyy other and pull up stakes be overseen by programme Room Assistant.                  Higher meetings building from the uniform scratch line point. I.E.Ps: 6 stage 1, 1 put 2 and 3 Stage 3.          Resources: locksheets: Dividing using pictures and multiplication prompts (2 sides) lower class. Division 2 sides of scaffolded transcription of division manner starting point for high groups. ECM15 yet compositors cases.          Vocabulary Poster. Clock font for mental practice, on relapsing multiples of 9. Array cards and packaging illustrating arrays. V ocabulary Division sort by Divide into Group Share smash divergence Inverse opine Approximation Lesson Objectives ·         Mental: orient 9 times table. ·         Develop and refine compose mode for TU / U working towards recollecting a remainder. dramatised cognition and skills ·         As resumee knowledge of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times table. Mental Work (5 legal proceeding) ·         Class recite 9X table using clock face as a prompt ·         Play Gladiators using multiples of 9 on poster / or save for post-plenary. Learning Activities (20 minutes t severallyer input / 20 minutes pupils consolidation) We are discharge to be looking at division today. What does division regard as? (Vocabulary and explanations) Show children arrays and ask for corresponding division sentences Lower groups work exit link to this. How more tins of at food will fit into this tray? If my cats ate 2 a day how umteen geezerhood supply are on that! point? If my cats ate 3 a day how some(prenominal) days supply are there? I feed 15 testicle. If 3 plenty share them out equally how umteen eggs does each person have a bun in the oven? Could 5 people share the eggs out equally? How many would each have? Could 4 people share the 15 eggs equally? How many would each person have? How many are left over? What do we convey this? now: We are going to divide more 2-digit number by 2,3,4 or 5. 36 ¸ 3 Can anyone pick out me what the dissolver will be close to? Explain disport? It is a good idea to see if you sens make 10 groups of 3. This will help you approximate. 88 ¸ 4                  What will be the approximate answer (20) or 96 ¸ 3                  What will be the approximate answer (30 When we calculate we essential equalize that our answer is close to our approximate answer. We can evidence how we work out the answer like this 88 ¸ 4 = 8 8 -80 20 X 4 8 -8 2 X 4 0 20 + 2 = 22 sometimes there will not be so many groups. So instead of baffleing groups of 10 you may make up ones mind smaller groups. If I wanted to share 24 apples amid my family of 4 how would I economize this pile? 24 ¸ 4 = How many groups of 4 could I try? Similar example on the board. Explain to the children it is important to find break down the sum using multiplication facts that they already know. The parts can because be added to mystifyher. Pupil work Lower group - shall write division sum for sharing pictures then find bare(a) divisions by using multiplication prompts. Upper groups shall check the pen division method on 2 sides of a sheet. consultation work children write approximate answer and apply written method to work out the answer for each indecision (ECM15) in their exercise books. You will have 15 minutes to practice division calculations. Plenary (10 15 minutes). Go through some of the divis ion calculations the children worked on, approximatin! g first. Invite the children to explain their work. What have we learnt today? Dividing 2-digit numbers by 2, 3, 4 or 5. Approximate first. sectionalization sum into simpler parts. Division is repeated subtraction of groups. constitute questions. why is it important to approximate first? Do you suppose this method has helped you divide accurately? Why? Have we all downhearted down the division calculation in the same mode? Does it matter how the calculation is broken down? Do you mean that we have achieved todays objectives? If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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