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January 23, 2014

Mice and Men

Questions from the book/movie Mice and men Section 1 1. In the beginning of the novel/movie, Lennie and George ran across a field, and so did a woman in a red dress as well. The field is open, and it can stand for freedom. That is because George and Lennie just quitted their job at a farm in weed because Lennie did something stupid. They got away, and therefor they are free as the field symbolises. 2. The twain men approach down to the river: - Lennie: a tall, stupid, strong man. His mentally age is virtually two years old, because he is mentally retarded. This we can put in the way he walks, talks and face expressions. He wears a denim jacket, a hat and a work pants. Both the hat and the carpenter pants are emblematic for a child to wear, so also this can symbolize Lennies mental age. - George: a smaller and smarter man. He wears a shirt and jeans, with braces. He takes the lead. 3. The impression I nettle of the kinsperson between the two, is that t hey both raise something positive out of it. Lennie get both someone to take care of him and a zep he can talk to. George gets company. 4. I count on they had to go away the farm in Weed, because Lennie fey a woman who lived there, and she freaked out, so they had to leave. We are told that Lennie did not harm the woman, exclusively he touched everything he cares, and that scared her. 5. Lennie is a slimy bastard in Georges eyes because his mind is two years old, and he really doesnt understand anything of what happens somewhat him. I think that George think that all of the things Lennie never leave experience makes him brusque of life experiences, and there for a poor bastard. 6. When Lennie told George that he valued ketchup, I think George got a impression that he couldnt give Lennie what he desireed when he cute it, and that Lennie continuously cute what he couldnt have. We are told that Lennie wanted to favourite a womans dress interchangeable it was a mouse when they stayed in weed. The w! oman did not like it and told him...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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