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January 4, 2014

New Moon Summary

untested slug by Stephenie Meyers The Twilight Saga consists of four smarts bevel the romance of a girl and a vampire. The second generalisation in the series is entitled New moon about. In this angelical the girl, Bella, is abandoned by the love of her life Edward, the vampire. She hence waterfall into the arms of her friend Jacob, a werewolf. Both the movie and the smart follow this basic plot, but of course the novel was overmuch detailed. For the most part the movie was close to the book. New Moon is narrated in first person by Bella and has an obvious pair off with Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet because even Bella recognizes that she is in danger of playing pace up historys greatest romantic disaster. holding Romeo and Juliet in the forefront of the readers mind actually helps the author general anatomy the tautness for the climax of the story because we can all plan the tragedy that is waiting to lapse. There wasnt much report on what Bella was feeling internally. This was shown when she was doing treacherous things just to hear and confabulate Edward state her to stop. In the novel she was telling herself to keep be dangerous and Edward was just a voice. In the movie Edwards whole clay is shown and Bella isnt narrating everything shes doing and why.
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The pain that Bella feels when Edward abandons her is highly well written and is really what this story is about. Most of the things that happen to Bella in New Moon are as a result of the overcome loss that she is trying to bear. Her friendship with Jacob has a doomed step to it not solely because he plainly loves her while she is in love with Edward but because he is a werewolf and he naturally hates all vampir! es. Things are only getting more dangerous for Bella, but she doesnt care. Victoria, an evil vampire, then comes back to Forks avenging her comrade James. She is fed up and wants to do something so reckless and yokel-like to hear his voice for days. She jumps off a cliff, into a river because Jacob say he would take...If you want to get a full essay, set out it on our website:

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