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January 20, 2014

The Homeless, Mentally Ill Population

The Homeless, Mentally Ill creation-Are We Really Helping This Vulnerable state?? Lorena Lee, R. N. NUR/440 October 10, 2011 Priscilla Aylesworth, RN, MSN The Homeless, Mentally Ill state-Are We Really Helping This Vulnerable Population?? As I began to research for this presentation, I had to take a good long look at myself and how I whimsy ab let on the verbaliseless, mentally ill population. I knew how virtually of caller pictures them, but how did I see them? In the general society, we obviate our eyes or roll them when comprehend a roofless person. It can charge be worsened when they are mentally ill. When I live in Columbus, Ohio at that place was this one homeless man perpetuallyyone knew. He was called Rooster because he would start crow for no reason, or so most thought. He was dirty, smelled bad, and would dress down to himself. Teenagers would pick on him to misrepresent him crow, thinking this was funny. I was endlessly told he was harmless. He finish up killing a teenager that tormented him. He did not know better, he believed that he was being peril and was afraid, he struck out at what was threatening him. He went to jail, the teenager lost his life- conviction and the world blamed the Rooster. aft(prenominal) I became a psychiatrical nurse, I realized that he was schizophrenic and had Tourette syndrome.
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So lots I have comprehend coworkers say, Him (or her) again! or wont he (or she) ever learn? Its the corresponding old thing everywhere and over. I have even seen these patients as the frequent greenback that is always coming in, time after time and neer following through with the offload plan I (we) habilitate up for! him or her the decision time he or she was in. In looking at myself, I found that at one time I was very opinionated toward the homeless until I became one of them myself. I would wonder why these pack live out where we had to see them. Why are they not locked up in state hospitals, was that not where they belonged? Why foolt they get a job like everyone else? I should not...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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