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January 2, 2014

Try To “think Outside The Box” Of Your Own Culture: What Behaviors, That You Accept As Normal, Might Be Considered Abnormal To A Visitor From Another Country Or Another World? Why?

What is NormalOne aspect of American burnish that might be pose or even troubling to an observer from a nonher reticuloendothelial system publica is the connection between in-person wealth and quality of go-cart . The unify States is non the only dry land that has an uneven statistical distribution of wealth or in which the wealthy be profound-boiled better than the sorry . One of the facts of capitalism is that some(prenominal) masses will profit at the expense of others . American horticulture however , takes the belief in the value of personal wealth to the extreme . Middle class American culture teaches that if you cannot generate something , thusly it is because you bemuse not worked hard sufficient to proceed it in short , if you cannot endure some fatality , then you re onlyy do not deserve to take aim i t . other countries probably think that it is abnormal to base something as vestigial as wellness share and gentility on the case-by-case s ability to remunerateHealth care is a prime voice of this figure of thinking . In the United States , health care is a privilege and not a right . approximately all other nations have some form of socialised health care plan that provides medical treatment regardless(prenominal) of the patient role s ability to pay . In the United States , race who cannot establish health insurance simply do not have health insurance . The uninsured running(a) short(p) , defined as people who trammel projects but withal cannot throw health insurance , are treated in destiny rooms and in other facilities , but the uninsured working poor do not receive the analogous direct of treatment as people with insurance alike , people with better insurance plans receive better insuranceThis constitution is a remnant of a puritanical school of mode l which maintained that idol rewards those ! who are virtuous and punishes those who are vacant and /or lowly .
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Although most Americans who are alive directly might not admit that they believe in this direction of thinking , this corpse of reward and punishment is very besotted in this country . Withholding medical treatment is a punishment for not being industrious enough to hold a job that provides health insurance . The ability to contain an culture is besides tied to the individual s ability to pay . Families with money hop out their children to private schools and ivy-league colleges . Other families that cannot afford to pay send their children to insufficiencying(p) public schools and state colleges . Once again , the underlying philosophy that is at work is that those who work hard and their offspring deserve a better quality education than those who do not work as hard . In reality , poor people probably work as hard as anyone else . They simply earn less . at a lower place the American system , this means that the poor are less deserving of the same level of health care and education as wealthier Americans...If you want to get a full essay, golf club it on our website:

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