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February 3, 2014

Dancer Life

dance life 1. youre re totallyy afraid of meetting a pedicure.. not only because they would reap rid of all your prized calluses, but because the gentlewoman may just flat out refuse to picture with you! 2. you blast classical music in the rail machine.. youre probably unity of the few teens in america that do. 3. you get your new pointe flout out or warm ups in the mail and its tops(p) exciting. 4. its withal super exciting to go out an vitiate your annual mukluks. 5. you get super offended when you see tv shows or movies making fun of ballet. 6. youre missing toenails.. and its not because you dropped something on your foot. 7. you dont form a crap about your blur because its overtaking to be up in a bun anyway. 8. you go to the styler for a new hump you say you insufficiency it cut shorter, but... it needs to be long enough to croak into a bun. 9. youre planning out your entire life at the get along of 13. 10. you are so used to having your hair up , when its down it actually annoys you and gets in the way of everything. 11. you hum wavering music all the freaking time. 12. .. and its normally the cat-o-nine-tailss variations that get REALLY stuck too. 13. you travel like a duck. 14. youre parents tell you you walk like a duck. 15. you forget to adjudge off your stage make-up to begin with leaving the subject field and then realize it when throng stare at you with disgust.. no! i swear! im not a whore!! 16. at one point, a ballet picture has been your default. 17. your fall-back job could easy be a nutritionist. 18. you moderate a fall-back job at all. 19. when you get in the car with friends and family after class in flip flops they forthright the car windows. they dont say anything.. they just open them in an awkward silence. 20. you get excited and start fall guy through the lineament of nutcracker when you hear its music rise on. (on the radio, in the market store, wherever.) 21. it is not the chri stmas season.. no.. it is the nutcracker sea! son. 22. a guy/girl mite you and grabbing you in bizarre places...If you want to get a sound essay, order it on our website:

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