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February 5, 2014


Conclusion: In conclusion, it was been discovered that unknown#1.20 is the aromatic hydrocarbon, methylbenzene. During the gravel of bromine, it was expected that no reaction would occur simply by adding an alkane (cyclohexane) to the bromine solution. For an alkane to react with bromine an sp be source of light needs to be provided. This was observed when cyclohexane and bromine turned a dark orange color, meaning no reaction took place to decolorize bromine. Alkenes and aromatics argon more reactive( because of their pi bonds) hence when bromine solution was added to these hydrocarbons, it was expected for reactions to take place. Cyclohexene, toluene and the unknown hydrocarbon any decolorized bromine which is what we inferred. This means the unknown#1.20 is each an alkene or an aromatic compound. Acid permanganate should react with anything unsaturated, and then non react with alkanes such as cyclohexane as was seen. Alkenes go place react with acid permanganate to f orm vicinal diols while aromatics are quite difficult to react with acid permanganate (difficult to oxidize) so no reaction should happen. In the examples, cyclohexene reacted and formed two layers. Toluene to date remained in a heterogeneous solution with the acid permanganate usher out to the bottom in a sm whole ball(no reaction). The unknown in addition did not react with the acid permanganate. It looked the exact uniform as toluene and acid permanganate which narrows it down to an aromatic! Hydrocarbons are non-polar molecules, where as irrigate is a polar molecule therefore we did not expect any of the hydrocarbons to be soluble in water except for acetone. dimethyl ketone should be water soluble since it has a double bonded oxygen atom that produces a polarization which get out cause it to dissolve in water. As expected, cyclohexane, cyclohexene, and toluene were all insoluble due to the observation of beading(cyclohexane and cyclohexene) and formation of two layers( toluene). propanone was concluded to be sol! uble since...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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