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February 7, 2014

The Critique of “the Appeal of the Androgynous Man”

Amy Gross is the editor-in chief of O magazine. She wrote an article The Appeal of the androgynous Man. Androgynous mean a person with the characteristics of both musical compositionly and female. Amy Gross breaks men down into two categories; the androgynous opus and the all- spell patch. She retrieves that women should be more appealed to the androgynous adult male, since he has the ability to feel and relate better to a muliebrity. Amy unprocessed addresses in her article an experience she had with an all- worldly concern man, where he held up his wine glass for her refill it. This small action mechanism ignite her. I believe with this small action she mulish that she wholly wanted an androgynous man. Amy Gross does non believe that on that point is any grey be between an androgynous man and an all-man man. Either youre a man who has the equal interests as a cleaning lady such as arts, cooking and shopping, or youre a man that resists anything deficit and only when watches sports in TV. No unmatched can only fall into one specific category. I have go out plenty of men that were jocks (i.e. compete sports), but could relate my feelings and like a lot of the same things I did. She states that all-man man had no interest womens feelings and that women were scantily something for them to conquer. Just by my ancient relationships and my own experiences I come across her opinion to be incorrect. An all-man man to her is a jounce but could there be an androgynous man that is a jerk? I believe that there could be one or more out there that is. Not all all-man man are jerks. I say that from experience. The androgynous man is non your opponent but your teammate. Amy makes the argument that the androgynous man is more sensitive and seminal then the all-man man. She presents test from studies that show that more masculine men are slight crative then the more femine men. I wonder how this study was done. I am a woman and I do not have a original bone in my body. I ! know more all-man man that are more fanciful then me. With knowing...If you want to plump a full essay, baffle it on our website:

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