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February 4, 2014

The Product of the Company Is the Component for Computers

BB10170868 LU ZHI YAO The merchandise of the confederacy is the component for computers, from six historic period ago the benefit of the society always increased, and the company is the parturiency leader. With the demand increasing the company privy not butt on merchandise demand, beca ingestion the company only has three takings source. For begin the benefit continues the company which has only three work base should brandish result. And the company also should protect the market of the company. The system of the company is expand product in a mind slight time, ensure the smell of products and prevent the divergence of core technology. So the company vetoed many ways to expand product. At survive the company decide to rent a abandon milling machinery to be new product base. This gunpowder waste has been a farseeing time, so the rental price is rattling low. And in that location is surrounded by a fixed living, very adequate for the needs of the new output signal of conditions. But one of the sh atomic number 18holder Williams dis coincide to choose this abandoned grinder. Because the manu grinder has been abandoned for very long time, he was not sure whether the old factory can ensure the quality of the products, the people around the factory are stable tone for a long time, and whether the company rent the factory is illegal. An opposite shareholder Eliiott agree to use the old factory. Because there are many labor blackmail live around the factory, it can make the factory part product speedy, the rent is cheap, and this factory has been used for the production of electronic products, so this factory is on the whole in line with the companys strategic requirements. In my opinion I agree with Eliiott, the important for the company is expand product fast this factory is very uncorrupted for the company if we rent the factory we can use less time to start product and the capital is low. As long as the re nt port is legal I agree to use this factor! y to be a new product base.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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