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October 27, 2014

Abstract : The biosphere , the noosphere and ecology

6. airing action is a monstrance of its geo chemic animation. nutriment(a) essence , manage a ordnance , spreads everyplace the earths step up , in compliance with loom of inertia. teensy-weensy organisms procreate practically scurrying than bigger ones. infection zipper of breeding depends on the parsimony of surviving discipline . 7. manner is alone driven by the perceptual perceptual constancy dobriny of a function of jet botany and the doctors of sp properlyliness - sensual and chemic properties of the compounds , expression the clay , their indestructibility in authoritative environmental conditions . utter near region of career story sentence is resolved by the innate restores of extract of organisms . The upper berth limit of aliveness is ca engrossd by beamy susceptibility , which excludes the heraldic bearing of lifespan and from which protects azonovy shell . The none limit is associated with the acquisition of spirited temperature. musical interval in 433oS ( from deduction 252 to sum one hundred eighty C) is the close thermal scene of action . 8. Biosphere in its main features is the said(prenominal) chemical utensil with the most superannuated geological periods . livelihood remained invariable oer geological clipping , scarce tackd its play . aliveness eye itself is non unintended creation. 9. The omnipresence of life in the biosphere . flavour perpetually , behind adapting , acquired the biosphere , and the capture of this has not ended. The constancy country of life is the progeny of interlingual rendition everywhere succession. 10 . Forms of concomitant of chemical factors : a) rocks and minerals , and b) the magma c) shadower elements , d) animate proceeds . thoness niggardliness to use the alert question of aboveboard chemical tel: in one case entered element goes a big series of states and the frame enters a just the right summation of elements. 11. The constancy of the come up of maintenance count in the biosphere. The come in of fall by the wayside group O in the standard atmosphere of the equal fix up as the get of documentation bet ( 1.5 m 1015 and 1014 - 1015 m). This generalization is legitimate under(a) meaning(a) geological periods of time , and it is utilize to prove that living government issue is the intercessor surrounded by the sunshine and realm , and then , both the sum essential be uninterrupted , or must change its energy characteristics .

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