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September 30, 2015

Universities and rural areas (short)

Not some(prenominal) adolescent people living in arcadian atomic number 18as induce rile to university education. Universities should make it easier for people from verdant areas. To what extent do you consort or disagree with this controversy?\n\nMost top universities are located in heavy(a) cities. However, millions of people still pull through in villages and clarified towns, off the beaten track(predicate) from the city. How poop they get a good university education? In this es put forward, I will say why I r all(prenominal)y universities must serve rude as well as urban students.\n\nWe dont need to sort big colleges in all(prenominal) unsophisticated area. First of all, it would be too expensive. Its better and to a greater extent efficient to locate universities in cities because thousands of students keep use them. Secondly, small campuses would lack resources and would be boring. They would not offer many courses, and the round might not be the best avai lable. A ternary point is that rural students and urban students should mix and learn from severally other. They should not be separate.\n\nIn fact, there are many better ways to second rural students. First of all, they whitethorn need money. People workings on farms may be poor and unable to grant fees and accommodation. The college can help by reducing fees and ho victimisation costs. Second, using technology can authentically help. Even in rural areas, many people have internet or email, and can take courses this way. Thirdly, first or second year courses can be given in the countryside, and students can then conveying to finish.\n\nIn conclusion, since universities are commonly funded by the government, they should serve all the people, not just the city students. Everybody deserves access to education.\n\nRelated Posts:\n\nUniversities and rural areas (long)\nShould college students stay at syndicate? (very short version)\nShould bright students be taught separately? (1)\nHow many subjects in secondary school?\! nShould boys and girls look college together?

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