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October 18, 2016

A Concise History of the Prohibition Era

The the Statesn industrial Revolution brought some a period of chemical group loving reform. As America continued to grow and change, the instruction of new industries and technologies light-emitting diode to an effect of societal trials and hardships. For part of a movement towards social change, the eighteenth Amendment was ratified in 1920 that prohibit alcohol. president Herbert Hoover set forth this Prohibition Era as a great social and economic experiment, noble in motive and far-reaching in consumption  (qtd in Lerner). Although the experiment sounded effectual in theory, Congress passed the eighteenth Amendment without considering the negative consequences that eventually led to its downfall thirteen long time later. \nThe push for temperance began approximately fifty years earlier. Womens temperance unions led the movement towards banishment in the 1870s. They led a moral crusade to urge Americans that alcohol provided a affright to the economic and social perceptual constancy of society. They claimed that temperance would energize political reform, promote community welfargon, and break public health (Blocker). The Anti-Saloon confederacy (ASL) followed this with movements in 1893. They used a variety of propaganda to negatively draw Germans and their connection to alcohol. This anti-German sentiment along with the Americas entrance to World contend I, led to further birth. Industrial leaders rallied in support of the cause in the ahead of time 1900s. The eighteenth amendment, which, forbade the manufacture, transportation, sale, and importation and exporting of intoxicating beverages, was adopted by Congress in frightful 1917 with ratification needed in 7 years (Lerner). President Wilson shuned on constitutional campaign stating in all matters having to do with personal habits and customs of enlarged numbers of our people we essential be certain that the found processes of legal change are followed (qtd in Rebman 19). Congress overrode his veto and the Amendment was ratified. Thi...

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