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October 26, 2016

Overview of Forensic Science

1. Latin terms used in forensics= principal sum delecti: the evidence we get of the discourtesy. Modus Operandi (MO) how the nuisance was committed/reason for. Forensic Science classroom deff: individualization and Evaluation of offence scene. basic procedures for analyzing a Crime diorama: Whats in yellow, who did it?, How did it happen?, Did it emit only in 1 place?, why was crime committed? When did it happen? The summit of rights : Presumed innocent until guilty, Right to be searched unreasonably either in home or self. non to be arrested without reasonable cause. Against monstrous seizure of Property. Fair questioning. The repute of biological/physical forensic evidence: Probative in court, can prove there was a crime. Can stand up testimony, link a suspect to victim or crime scene, can describe/determine identity of wad in crime. Reconstruct crime. principal(prenominal) categories of Forensic take the stand: Individual-different/ fetter dye hair, Class-all t he same/ cook hair. Locards Exchange Principle: each contact you make with a person, place, or object, results in an transfer of Bio physical materials. Trace Evidence: Not much to go on which makes it Circumstantial in court. 2. Most common crime scene: Car misadventure 4. 3 categories that serial killers victims: strangers, acquaintances, family. bring up of 4 major classifications of SKS: tycoon/control, missionary killers, Visionary killers, Hedonistic. make: are above just intelligence, methodical, most common precedent is sexual. Disorganized: Impulsive and at a lower place average in intelligence, socially inapt. Sociopath: Disregard for rights of others. sociopath: Lack of couscous, unorganized. Fe manful back-to-back killers: Black Widow, usually a relative w/poison. punish killing, involves hate, love, jealousy. Sexual Predators: only 1 in US History, Rare, dictated by fantasy killing. service killing; Killing for money, or profit. Team killers: Kill with a p artner, usually a male/ sexual in nature. 5 .FILAMENT:... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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