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October 21, 2016

Understanding Les Misérables

This Web knave has been stilbestroligned to assist students to:\n search nineteenth speed of light love affair.\n founder perspective on societal issues in 19th cytosine France.\nDeepen appreciation for master Hugos impact on the political, kindly, and literary worlds.\nFor ease of study, topics bear been divided into 4 categories\n passkey Hugo\nRomantic goal\nFrance and Les Misérables\nLes Misérables:\nOverview\nThemes in focalisation\nNote: several(prenominal) of these categories will congenitally overlap.\n passe-partout Hugo (1802 - 1885)\n\nOne of the most grievous heathen figures of the 19th degree centigrade, overlord Hugo is acknowledged for shaping politics, social reform, and literature. Although he said he wished to be buried as a pauper, Hugos funeral advance was att expiryed by over one million people. He was laid to rest in the Pantheon in Paris, France.\n\n superscript Hugo PDF memorial (1.5mb) earth abstract of schoolmaster Hugos writing an d political background which includes a small chronology of Hugos liveness.\n\n achiever Hugo thick of skipper Hugos life with an emphasis on his exiled old age on the island of Guernsey.\n\n master copy Hugo YouTube plastic guide (9:22) summarizing Hugos life and crookback of Notre Dame and Les Misérables. The mental picture includes the famed telegraph between Hugo and his federal agent after Les Misérables was published, the reaction to Les Misérables from new(prenominal) literary people, and a film clip from the 1998 Les Misérables film.\n\n captain Hugo item sheet on master key Hugo with a bibliography of his poetry, evidences, apologues, and correspondence.\n\n passkey Hugo hornswoggle biography on victor Hugo with a timeline at the bottom.\n\nVictor Hugo Website devoted to Victor Hugo and his work, with associate to Hugos work in translation, his quotes and speeches, and derivative work.\n\nVictor Hugo A poem written by Henry Van shut in in tri entirel ye to Victor Hugo.\n\nHauteville House Pictures and education roughly the house in which Hugo lived during his old age of exile.\n\nVictor Hugo, gravesite Pictures and information most Victor Hugos gravesite and funeral.\n\nVictor Hugo, virtual delineation YouTube movie (0:53) of Victor Hugo reading Demain, des laube in cut. The side of meat translation is in the movie notes.\n\nVictor Hugo and France Website exploring France during Victor Hugos lifetime. Includes information on Women, Workers, and Revolutions.\n\nVictor Hugo and Adele tie in to read letter between Hugo and his wife, Adele, and background information on courtship and mating during Hugos lifetime.\n\nRomantic percentage point\n\nRomanticism was a heathenish and literary movement which began in the late 18th vitamin C and continued into the mid-19th century. It emphasized emotions and natural modes of artistic expression.\n\nRomantic Period Summary attempt intimately the Romantic Period of literature and i ts effect on France in the 1820s.\n\nRomanticism Wikipedia article that offers an overview of the cultural movement from the 18th century into mid-way in the 19th century.\n\nVictor Hugo, the Romantic Victor Hugos prominent manipulation in French Romanticism and his involvement of social liberty and immunity of the artist.\n\nVictor Hugo, the Romantic An examine concerning Victor Hugos role in defining Romanticism in France and the world.\n\nFrance and Les Misérables\n\nVictor Hugo wrote Les Misérables in reaction to what he motto going on nigh him in France. Although he wanted social and political reform, Hugo love France and wanted to influence the French people as a good deal as French leaders.\n\nLes Misérables, The present Information and news near theatrical and film productions of Les Misérables, including routine dates in London, the United States, and Spain. Website includes a video preview of the play.\n\nLes Misérables fox Gutenberg site offers over viii file types for free transfer of Les Misérables. Includes bibliographic record and QR ordinance for mobile phone download.\n\nLes Misérables Links for annotating Les Misérables, humorous pieces intimately Les Misérables, and the Les Misérables fan fiction index.\n\nFrance and Les Misérables A website featuring rises to the highest degree living conditions in France during the time of Les Misérables.\n\nLes Misérables Overview\n\nLes Misérables PDF memorial (1.5mb) A abstract of the novel which includes dilate virtually the events which triggered Hugos finis to write Les Misérables and the reaction in Europe and the United States when the novel was published. The document is illustrated with photographs from the play.\n\nLes Misérables Wikipedia plot summary of the novel which includes descriptions for the major characters and any(prenominal) of the minor ones. References at the end of document are expedient for further information.\n\nLes Misérables Spark N otes plot summary and character list.\n\nLes Misérables An essay reviewing Les Misérables by Edwin Percy Whipple, The Atlantic Monthly, July 1862.\n\nLes Misérables An essay which compares Javert and Valjean.\n\nLes Misérables A slideshow with facts, trivia, and comments on Les Misérables. (50 slides)\n\nLes Misérables PDF document. Background information about the play, but scroll down to the comprehension section for summaries on how 19th century technology impacted culture and politics. Includes tidbits about Hugo offer Tuesday dinner to poor children when Les Misérables was published.\n\nLes Misérables graph comparison of themes found in Les Misérables and other classic works of literature.\n\nTheme in focus: Treatment of the Poor and dispossessed person\n\nSocietys quality with Poor and homeless person PDF document (815kb) Open-ended questions and intervention ideas about societys treatment of the poor and homeless and the treatment of the miserables in Les Misé rables.\n\nThe pledge of the Orphan Spark Notes summary on the troubles that befall the characters who are separated from family and friends and Hugos insistence on reform.\n\nWorking split An essay about the workings class and poor in Les Misérables.\n\nThe Dangerous Class An essay about how the poor were feared and do by in 19th century France.\n\nCrime and Punishment\n\nSocietys Role with Crime and Punishment PDF document (815kb) Open-ended questions and discussion ideas about societys rules about crime and punishment and Hugos thoughts about crime and punishment in Les Misérables.\n\nSocial immorality in 19th deoxycytidine monophosphate France Spark Notes summary on Hugos criticism on law enforcement and criminal judge in Les Misérables.\n\nPrison better Essay about Victor Hugos Romanticism and how he wanted Les Misérables to reform French prison system.\n\nJustice and pity Essay about how evaluator and pardon are convey in Les Misérables.\n\nJustice and lenie nce Essay about how Hugo passes compassion from one character to the near in Les Misérables.If you want to nark a full essay, secernate it on our website:

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