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January 5, 2017

Learning to Play the Guitar

The graduation exercise day I went to my guitar class I was so nervous because I didnt know anything of how to contri only ife or use a guitar. obedient thing that I wasnt by myself, my sister was on that point since she also wanted to acquire to play guitar. When we entered the room in that location was no bingle, just the instructor. She acceptable us with a euphoric and friendly hi and told us that her name was Elizabeth Ortiz. We introduced ourselves and she asked us to arrange her a little piece abtaboo us and wherefore we wanted to learn to play the guitar. My sister talked first, then when it was my patch I told her that when I was little, the guitar was the cats-paw that caught my attention. The first time I heard and saw soulfulness playing the guitar was when I was 6 years old and at that moment I swing in love with that instrument. What I loved of the guitar were its melodies and rhythms that were coming out of it. I was also affect of how fast the man was locomote his fingers without any problem as he played the guitar. I was so fascinated that I told myself that in the future I would learn how to play the guitar.\n aft(prenominal) we were done talking she taught us the name of individually thread that the guitar has, and in reality the names were letters (E, A, D, G, B, E). It was cool because each one had a diverse sound that helped melodies sound beautiful. Mrs. Ortiz told us that because we are beginners, the acoustic guitar was the one that we had to use and since it was easier. We didnt live a guitar that day so she let us start nearly of hers. She taught us (G, C, D7) which were some of the easiest chords, then she showed us how to stick our fingers in each chord. It was a little bit bad because the ability of my fingers was slow. When I seek G it was easy, then she told us to change to C and when I made the change deuce of my fingers were in the wrong chords. I made mistakes many times, but the instructor told me t hat it was okay because it was my first time and that the more I practice it woul... If you want to read a full essay, format it on our website:

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