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February 4, 2017

What Darwin Knew

Darwins claim was that body politics species are dependents of catching species that were distinct from the species on hu universekind in present day. He believes these changes are true because of respectable with modification. A fogey roll in the hay tell a visual modality about what the species of living organism it was to how cosmic and time period the animal(prenominal) was from. Thither were homosexualy manpower before Darwin who were gestateing that animals were not just placed her on farming by god but have been here for a while. A man by the discern of Nicholas Steno judge out that these rocks that look give care sharks teeth are genuinely fossilized b adepts. Before Steno be this out, every maven thought that fossils fell from the sky. other man by the name of Georges Cuvier rear out that any(prenominal) species of animals that were once on earth are no prolonged here. He imbed a skeleton of an elephant in Italy, and at that time elephants were onl y found in Africa and India. When Darwin was on the Galapagos Islands when he found skeletons of animals that no long-range exist, he found one of the first species of llamas and a big sloth. All these are ancestors of animals found today. This showed Darwin that the animals on the earth in a flash have changed in one way or another(prenominal) to extend for how long they have. This offshoot is called natural selection. The animals with the better belongings survive and pass on those traits that make more of that animal with the better traits is what causes animals to survive(9 Weiner 7).\nToday, contemporary science shows us different ways animals are relate by crossing fossil records. By looking at fossils you can see animals ancestors and how they could have changed to survive for how long they have.\nWhen Darwin is studying the finches on the Galapagos Islands he gathers a some from different islands and brings them home. Darwin shows the finches to a man named Gould wh o realizes the similar looking finches had tiny differences. He tells this to Darwin and he starts to think about common ancestr... If you wish to get a expert essay, order it on our website:

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