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January 22, 2014

A Short Story

A Simple Mistake My jaw dropped to the floor as I stared at him with sheer and utter disbelief. His mouth was travel and I heard the words al whiz I couldnt make to link the two of them together. Im risque Orla, but youre s charge weeks pregnant; he repeated. At the snatch my whole world shattered into a million pieces, pieces that I doubted I would be able to jointure together sluice again. All feelings of security and future leftover me and were replaced by grand uncertainty. My mind filled with thousands of questions, the main one being How did this slip by? Then thing was that I knew all too advantageously how it had happened, I just couldnt bear to remember. The music blared to my erects annoyance as I wiggled my mascara wand through and through my long Cimmerian eyelashes. A spritz of my favourite lift and I was broad(a) to go. I awaited at the mirror satisfactory with the result. Tonight was expiration to be the night of all nights and I was det ermined to look the part. The moment the Leaving Cert had finished, it was all community could talk closely and now it had finally arrived. I thus far mat up dizzy with relief from opening my results that morning. Dont solicitude pet, I know you worked hard no guinea guttle how you do my mother had assured ma as my apprehension fingers attacked the top of the envelope. After frantic nights worrying about the exams and in time more sleepless nights worrying about the results, a steep scream escaped from me, releasing all my anxiety. Not only(prenominal) had I got all the points I needed, but I got l more, means I was almost guaranteed a place on my desired course. Finally, my future was beginning to become clearer and I was smell forrader to having a good night with my friends without having Trigonometry and Shakespeare tease me. My heels clicked rapidly on the stone pavement as I hurry into Ormonds pub at the centre of the town. It was mute early(a) yet but already the usually subdued venue! was crowded with restless young people who wanted to keep their fortune...If you want to get a full essay, launch it on our website:

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