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January 22, 2014

Mental Health

The forgetful mail carrier is a 66 geezerhood old man who becomes so forgetful. His wife is afraid to administer him alone even at home. When he was 60 develop old, Hans took an early retirement because his previous 5 years he had not been able to carry out his duties adequately. He did interminably mistakes de coloreding the mail. He gradu each(prenominal)y given up his hobbies and had become lots quit. When he was 62 when leading a hike in an area he could not find the way home. He forgot appointments, and could not find his way around the area where he had lived for more than 40 years. He failed recognizing some good friends and muddled interest in television and newspapers ((Butcher, Mineka, & Hooley, 2010). Explain How You Would bear a Diagnosis of Alzheimers disease In most of all the solecisms and peculiarly in this case the diagnosis method involves a case management including physician, psychiatrist, neuropsychologist and counselor. The diagnosis metho d also includes vulgar types of evaluations concerning aesculapian history, physical examination, standard laboratory test, outlook imaging-scan and neuropsychological interrogation. When analyzing aesculapian history, the interview is necessary to identify medical problems in the prehistoric and prescription of drugs. The physical examination involves summary of the quintuple senses such(prenominal) hearing, sight, personal line of credit pressure and pulse. Standard laboratory test involves blood and urine test, thyroid analysis and liver function analysis and glucose levels to disregard other conditions. A brain scans such magnetic resonance imaging (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (computerized tomography) to rule out blood clots and brain tumors. Neuropsychological testing assess memory, attention, problem-solving, abstract thinking and vision-motor coordination. accord to the DSM-IV-TR and the diagnostic features in the case of Hans his symptoms involves the c riterion required to regain an accurate dia! gnosis. Hans manifests go along cognitive decline with early encroachment and not behavior...If you fatality to get a full essay, influence it on our website:

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