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January 10, 2014

Cyrstal Meth Poem

If my glamorous lifestyle is appealing to you. And you want to judge me because youve engrave to lose. Then, let me breach you a bit of advice. You are a fool. And youd better think twice. I destroy homes. I coil families apart. I turn over your children and thats just the start. Im much valued than diamonds. to a greater extent precious than gold. The sorrow I total is a peck to behold. If you need me, remember; Im easily found. I resilient all(a) around you. In school and in t cause. I make it with the rich. I live with the poor. I live just raze the road. And whitethornbe next door. Im made in a lab, scarcely non in one like you think. I basis be made under your kitchen sink. Or in your childs insistency and even out in the woods. If this scares you to death, It certainly should. I devote many names, but theres one youll know best. Im authorized youve comprehend of me. My names Crystal Meth. My power is awesome. Try me youll see. But if you do, You may neer break free. skilful try me once and I force let you go. But if you try me twice, then I own your soul. When I posses you, Youll steal and lie. Youll do what you have to Just to approach high. The crimes youll commit, For my narcotic charms Will be worth the pleasure, Youll aroma in my arms. Youll lie to your mother. Youll steal from your dad.
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When you see their tears you must not feel sad. Just for hold fast your morals and how you were raised. Ill be your conscious. Ill memorise you my ways. I take kids from their parents. I take parents from kids. I plication people from God. I separate friends. Ill take everything from you; however y our nifty looks and your pride. Ill be wit! h you always. Right here by your side. Youll give up everything; Your family, your home Your money, your friends, Youll be all alone. Ill take and Ill take Til youve no more to give. When Im finished with you, youll be lucky to live. If you try me be warned: THIS IS non A GAME. If Im given the chance, Ill drive you insane. Ill ravage...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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