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January 10, 2014


Zoot Suit Riots Life in the early 1940s was diversify with the effects of the bombing on Pearl Harbor. demesne fight II had just begun and many homes were without their fathers, brothers, and uncles. This led to a maturation national rise in juvenile delinquency as mothers, aunts, and older sisters had to fill the gaps in the workforce left by their male counterparts. In Los Angeles a group of young voltaic pile who seemed to embrace the big band, jazz culture, much to the dismay of the clean-living middle-class at the time, was known as the zoot-suiters. This group was a group of young people of color who did not subscribe to to conform to the restrictions of segregation. This group of youth who wore zoot suits were being labeled as delinquents by the media of the time. Eventually an incident occurred at the Sleepy lagoon that solidified the zoot suiters as criminals and resulted in the zoot suit riots. Throughout the human War II era, racism was pr evalent. African-Americans were segregated from the livid partnership and treated as second class citizens. Japanese-Americans were sent to enslavement camps after Pearl Harbor. Their property was confiscated and their homes and businesses were lost.
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Mexican-Americans, although classified as washrag for census purposes, were still treated in the same fall out as African-Americans. Perceptions of Mexican-Americans at the end of 1940 continued to reflect images of racism. The voice of public opinion conducted a poll which listed nineteen adjectives that cleverness be used to describe Central and South Americans. 80 percent chose dark-skinned, while 40 and 50 percent of the respondents chose ill-tempered tem! pered, emotional, superstitious, backward, lazy, ignorant, and suspicious. (Constructing the American Past) These ideas of racism towards Mexican-Americans intensified when groups of young people glowering to wear zoot suits at a time when the war was impact shortages in cloth production. Zoot suits are...If you want to get a luxuriant essay, order it on our website:

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