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January 25, 2014


Communication Paper HCS/490 November 19, 2012 Instructor: Steven Miracle Communication is very fundamental aspects of any organization and in healthc be today with the incompatible forms of applied science in that respect be bran-new and changing shipway to guide with patients/consumers. In todays health tuition field there are umpteen forms of communication such as telephones, computers, networking, faxes, and emails are every(prenominal) ways that physicians can network to patients. Records in writing form fix been around for many years that with the advancements in technology sire been transferred onto computers in the attempt to appropriate paper based records all together. This is where electronic health check records (EMR) decrease into play. EMR are medical records that have been put into computerized files by medical facilities. The purpose of EMR systems are to document patients medical history, test results, criminal maintenance received, medicatio ns used and prescribed, similarly any known allergies. Implementing electronic medical records is a tangled and an expensive investment that also has do a get hold of for healthcare IT professionals. Electronic medical records are much more efficient and safe way to computer memory records oer paper based form because they are easier to rule and bundle securely with other medical staffs that are come to in the patients care. An example of this is if an individual has to be rushed to the infirmary and then their records can be sent as considerably as shared with the ER staff. With the use of EMR allows physicians to adequately fall expeditiously and effectively with their patients with a timely manner. This form of records helps to emend the care of patients which is very important; it also helps to reduce medical errors. likewise in using EMR patients are open to straightway able to pick medication prescriptions because of electronic medical records. fit to J. Liet z slightly advantages of EMR are as followe! d: Increase effectiveness, efficiency and base nock at the patient level and for...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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