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January 25, 2014

The Population Problem

The nation is growing very fast in nearly countries of the world but in separates, the emersion is slow. In the condition countries and in the developing countries the population is growing very fast. mainland chinaware has the largest number of people in the world. But due to the efforts of the government, the product rate has slowed down considerably. In population, India ranks next to China. At the sentence of Independence, Indias population was just 381 million people. Today the population of India is some 1020 million people. If the growth of population continues exchangeable this, soon we may not behave sufficient food to eat. We need to ejaculate about an urgent tame on the growth of population. this is do by effective population control. In the southern states like Kerela, Tamil Nadu, the growth has been checked and contained. People have succeeded in retentivity families small. In Kerela, the normal practise today is to have two children per fam ily. In the northern states, families are still big. and so the population growth is fast there. This trend has to be checked. How tooshie we check the growth of population? People have to be educated. The high(prenominal) the teaching, the lower the growth of population.. So the government should spend more(prenominal) money on education. Great stress should be given(p) to the education of our women. The bill of living should be raised. The rule is, The higher the standard of living, the lower the population growth.The poorer the people, the more the number of children is some other norm.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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