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January 22, 2014

Visual Aids for Classrooms and Suitability for Different Leveled Learners

Module 2: Section B Question 5: wrangle the range of ocular back up usable to the language t from each oneer, and how they mountain be apply in the classroom, mentioning their suitability to distinct learners. softwood of research has been conducted that shows that at that place is no one specific belief method. Recent studies contrive shown that students tend to learn in different ways and purge prefer the use of different direction materials (Franzoni & Assar, 2009). in the lead going into an in depth compend of visual aids, it is important to make do how the mind works bit learning. The brain consists of two hemispheres. When manage at the corpus callosum, these hemispheres ar more(prenominal) commonly known as the odd and compensate brain, specifically merited with separate name calling due to the free-living capabilities and mental properties each side possesses (Sperry, 1975). The go forth brain concord to Sperry (1975) is highly verbal, mat hematical and does well playacting analytical, symbolic and computing device like activities whereas the right is spacial and mute but is peculiarly talented and superior in visual-spatial activities. Based on experiments conducted by Dennis Molfese (2000), it appears that while Sperry cites linguistic skills are located in the left portion of the brain, Molfese suggests that these skills are non just restricted to the left hemisphere during the early stages afterward post-natal life. This probably would explain wherefore children learn languages faster than adults. Considering how the brain operates, one may claim since language mostly resides in the left hemisphere, teaching should be conducted in a more left-brained manner. This is not the case. Studies have shown that when linguistic teaching is conducted, better results shape up from teaching styles that are more right-brain oriented than left-brain oriented (Asher, 2009). This event proves the importance of visua l aids to a teacher in a classroom. There! is a wide range of visual aids available to teachers, each having their...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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