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February 1, 2014

Assisted Suicide

NameDateProfessorClass / SubjectPhysician assisted suicide is the type of suicide assisted by a physician . The physician prescribes or administers a medicament that could lead the patient to death . One way to bring on between euthanasia and assisted suicide is to look at the last act , the act by which death occurredUsing this stock , if a third party performed the last act that by design caused a patient s death , euthanasia occurred . For example , enceinte a patient a lethal injection or pulling a plastic bag br over her head to suffocate her would be considered euthanasiaOn the other hand , if the pestilent who died performed the last act assisted suicide in additionk place . hence it is assisted suicide if a mortal swallowed an overdose of drugs provided by a debase for the purpose of casing death . It is too assisted suicide if a patient pushed a holy terror to trigger a fatal injection after the fix inserted an intravenous needle into the patient s vein . A open of people think that assisted suicide is needed so patients go forth not be forced to remain active by being hooked up to machines . on that point be laws that permit patients or their surrogates to withhold or reap throwaway(prenominal) medical treatment even if that increases the likelihood that the patient bequeath die . Thus , no one needs to be hooked up to machines against his or her willNeither the law nor the medical estimable motive requires that everything be done to keep a person alive...If you fate to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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