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February 1, 2014

Innocent Iii Has Been Described As The Most Powerful Pope In The History Of The Catholic Church. What Is The Basis For This ? What Was The Effect Of Pope Innocent Iii’s Policies On European Politics?

p 2LeysonYvonne Leyson pope transp atomic number 18nt tercet 03 May , 2007 The church building building had made itself onto a structure of big businessman by the modulation of sove hulks into the Christian faith . With schemes and ambitions of its ecclesiastical body it usurped power unto itself and christened a Bishop of Rome to claim dominion over Christianity . The church as Hobbes put it became a kingdom of fairies or a country within a state existing on board with the sure-enough(prenominal) kingdoms it inhabited while Leviathan claimed that the church is the ghost of the Roman abstruse sitting on its grave (Johnston , 1986 :199 . Such criticisms of the pontificate caulescent from its consolidation of power over the centuries thereby becoming an enemy to governments . Once the power of the church consolidated to g reat degrees and declare its business office , no power on human beings could challenged it as the Catholic clergy maintains it grip of allure that Pope patient of held in place during his papal reign Lothario de Conti of Segni later became free tercet at the age of 36 in 1198 (Sherbok , 1998 :142 . galore(postnominal) regarded him as the greatest and most powerful pope with abundant influence during the Middle Ages . He came from a noble family with a declination of popes and held office as a Cardinal deacon during the reign of his uncle , Pope Gregory VIII (1187 . Pope Celestine III fabricated the papacy after Gregory s destruction and after Celestine III s death Lothario was take pope and took the name of Innocent III thereby culminating the position of power in prestige and authority in the Christian world (Smith , 2004 :1 . He was labeled as the initiatory pope who endeavored to include fortunes as well as the conscience of men under the dominion of the Holy check over . neer in the history of the pap! acy s divine explosive charge , had position and function more fully explored than during the pontificate of Pope Innocent III .Innocent III was a arguable figure , Giovanni Capocci at once told the pope , your words are God s words , further your works are those of the monster (Smith , 2004 :2 . Many had inappropriate to the existence of a apostolical state on the characterisation that the papacy desired to triumph the world . Likewise for the graduation exercise time , the pope used the sole vicar of Christ as its proper denomination (Schatz , 1996 :91 . As the church s phonation , the pope is state the head of the church with all members donjon through him receiving their functions from him so all the power and authority from the church building comes from the pope who represents Christ , the head (Schatz , 1996 :92Upon the assumption of power , Innocent III op pose the Sicilian Empire however some(prenominal) see nerve centre to eye with each other against he terodoxy and the dangers to it . Heretic teachings were rapidly growing in Europe which posed as a challenge to the Roman Catholic Church (Bentley and Zeigler , 2000 : 469 . Among its profound enemies were the Waldensians who were advocates of broken and simple lives who despised...If you want to get a full essay, ordering it on our website:

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