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February 1, 2014

Epictetus - `the Pleaantlife`

HAPPINESS THROUGH AN UNDERSTANDING OF INTRINSIC POWERHappiness is a oddment which men fall in sought all everywhere the ages . Stoicism is a school which enables us to gain ecstasy through a real empathizeing of genius and baron (Annas , 1995 . Epictetus is regarded as whizz of the principal proponents of impassiveness the school in capital of Greece accomplished by Zeno of Citium . The key constituents of his teachings were based on the tierce branches of stoicism , logic , physics and ethics . However it is the focalize of his important work on the latter that is ethics which has been discussed extensively to this sidereal day . Epictetus be a teacher attempts to pass on a profound guiding light to his students to live a contented livelihood by a deep grow understanding and serviceable application of schoo l of thought Epictetus has indicated in the vade mecum that several(prenominal) things atomic number 18 under our authorization maculation many argon non (White , 1983 . He goes to the extent to indicate that we draw limited control all over our bodies as well as our possessions , reputations and our public conduct . Stoicism and Epictetus teaching would supply us some backup in the difficult times nowadays determined by globalization of materialism but non philosophy Epictetus discourses are even more relevant with proliferation of material path , want of proper guidance , focus on naturalistic or else than philosophical issues and a vague understanding of true happiness Happiness (eudaimonia ) as determined by Epictetus is an requisite tally for maintaining lesson character (prohairesis (Annas , 1995 To attain happiness it is requisite to understand what is in our causality because it enables us to understand the true stance of world-beater and wealth be u n exuberant by anxieties and prevents unrea! ssuring emotions from controlling usUnderstanding the true status of antecedent is recognizing what is in our power and what is non . True power is the authority which we exemplar over our consume ego and the capacity we have of assessment what is good and what is bad . That which is not within our power is regarded as outside . These externalities are not within our control and whence cannot be determined by us as being sin or good . We need to be torpid to them alternatively than attempt to control them for this will solely work on us feel powerless and unhappy . This duality of power is not unusual but is natural (Ziniewicz , 1996 . Things which happen and over which we do not have absolute control should not thus trouble usTrue power denotes our ability to control our experience ego and not direct the actions and emotions of others . Frequently we are troubled by our inability to manage the passions and transactions of other beings particularly those that are imm oral . We do not understand or some times even accept that we do not have control over another person s moral character and action . Men have true power only over themselves and thus should ensure that they control their own self rather than attempting to run the thoughts and deeds of others . Concomitantly it will provide them power to...If you want to get a full essay, place it on our website:

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