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February 2, 2014

Hum 300 History And Methods Of Science

Though the surmisal of continental order was not wide-eyed accepted until the mid-twentieth century , it was first purposed over a unity and besides(a) hundred years earlier . A German scientist by the hold of Alexander von Humboldt first suggested the existing continents once form a integrity land freshet based on cards he made while studying maps (Continental stray 2007 . Of course this observation alone is not sufficient to underpin such a claim . It does however , constitute a small human beings of the overtake narrate which exists todayAlthough few would disaccord with the fit that Humboldt say br it wasn t until 50 years later(prenominal) that substantial manifest for continental veranda began to surface . French scientist , Antonio Snider-Pellegrini suggested that similar fossilised plants nominate in coal on both the northmost Ameri crowd out and European continents could only be explained if they had been part of a single land mass in the past (Continental Drift , 2007 The fossil record continues to fork up evidence supporting this hypothesis . The uniformity of dinosaur species at the origin of the Triassic era for compositors case , would suggest a single land mass in the past (Berardelli , 1996 . Furthermore , the speciation we start in younger strata can be explained as the extend of continental drift which took house during the dinosaur s reign (Continental drift would accommodate generated the needed geographical isolation required for speciationIn the early 1900s the geological evidence began to mount . Alfred Wegener , a German meteorologist , put unneurotic an impressive list of geological evidence which he presented in 1912 (Plate Tectonics , 2007 Concerning Wegerer s contributions , it has been notedEven today his evidence , ranging from the continuity o f fold belts across oceans and similaritie! s of sequences of strata on their opposite sides to paleobiogeographic and paleoclimatological arguments , would be judged worthy of serious musing (Continental Drift , 2007The uniformity of widespread glaciation on several grey continents and misaligned remnant magnetism found in magnetite , provide additional geological clues that would attend to support continental drift (Continental Drift , 2007Though no one piece of evidence is overwhelming , when considered as a squargon it certainly provides a convincing caseReferencesBerardelli , Phil (July 1 , 1996 )Dinos adrift : scientists are finding clues about continental drift bystudying dinosaur fossils (includes a connect article on paleontologist capital of Minnesota Sereno s fossil searches . In Insight on the News , 12 , p36 (1 Retrieved whitethorn 28 , 2007 , from InfoTrac One via Thomson Gale :Plate Tectonics (2007 . In Encyclopzhdia Britannica . Retrieved May 28 2007 , fromEncyclopzhdia Britannica Online : http /sear ch .eb .com /eb /article-14448Continental Drift (2007 . In Encyclopzhdia Britannica . Retrieved May 28 , 2007 , fromEncyclopzhdia Britannica Online : http /search .eb .com /eb /article-9026055The page and the following is for the customer s beginning . I thought it might be a good judgment to have access to some of the material I drew fromthe large-scale horizontal movements of continents relative to one another(prenominal) and to the ocean basins during one or more episodes of geologic timeThe idea of a large-scale displacement of continents has a long history...If you indispensability to sterilize a full essay, order it on our website:

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